What is Communism?

Communism is the political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create a classless, stateless, equalitarian and oppression-free society in which all decision-making is made democratically by all its members.


  1. What is Communism when you trip away the theory and try to put it into practice? A repressive totalitarian dictatorship which creates a two tier society of the privileged Party members and the peasantry, which is everyone else. The economic theories on which the system is based such as Marx's Labor Theory of Value are poorly thought out and demonstrably wrong.

  2. @archangel of america
    in my opinion
    what you said is true if you make one small edit
    "and try to put it into practice"
    i would have put "when the wrong people put it into practice"

  3. total power equals total downfall.

  4. Yeah, and the New Left is about the most rabidly racist movement ever, anti white to the core. Jew leftists in academia and the media push the open borders-miscegenation agenda, half the white people walking around are so brainwashed they dont know they have been targeted for extermination by the Commie Left. The demographic trend says it all....

  5. The Iron Law of Oligarchy, plus nationalism, says that Communism is hopeless fraud. The goal is a stateless equality? As if Commissars would ever surrender power to the stateless equalizers? - but they did surrender power to crony capitalism in 1991, ha

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  7. How can a system advocate anarchy, if it defends more state power? .. And by the way, who do you think will be the ones in power in the transition to the communist system? Will they be the family guy or the evil psychopath that spends all his time trying to achieve power?

    1. You raise a very good point when you ask who would be in charge during the transition. Marx stated that communism has to be achieved through revolution, and it's sensible to assume that the revolutionary leaders are simply not going to hand down the power to the masses or to anyone else; they are going to stay in power -as history has proven-.

      Furthermore, in my personal opinion that's only part of the problem. My main concern is that those leaders are usually not the pacific and compassionate philosopher type, like Marx; but power hungry professional revolutionaries with blood in their hands.

      This is one of the main reasons why I'm not a communist.

      In regards to your statement about communism being equal to anarchism... well, that's simply not the case.

    2. What will differ with a worker state, is that instead of the anarchy we have in production under the capitalist system, we will have planned production. No state, does not mean, no planning, no direction.

      There are two kinds of intellectuals in society, those that sell their talent to the rich, and those that dedicate it to make society a better place to live. The latter are executed or imprisoned by the present ruling class. If it was as easy as offering them power, all revolutionaries would be bought. Did power corrupt Salvador Allende? IMO, that power corrupts is just a myth bought by many. Would any of you sell your mother or child if the money was right, if you were offered a high position in govt?

  8. communism is neccesory..poor are getting more poor and rich are getting more rich.that wouldn't happen in communist state...

  9. What sets Marxist ideology apart from capitalist ideology is it seeks to prepare the working class to manage society. That is why Marx spent countless hours writing his book Capital, And many other books. Communist need to be as proficient in economics, philosophy and world history as possible. In contrast, capitalism does everything possible to distort history, and keep workers as ignorant as possible about how the capitalist system works, and about working class history. In other words, to be a member, of either the democratic or republican party, knowledge of economics, philosophy or history are not prerequisites. All you need to do is vote, and have someone else do your thinking for you. Politicians are not elected, they are selected by the richest corporations. That is why we have a capitalist democracy, not a workers democracy.

    As long as the two economic classes exist there will be a struggle between the two., A victory for working people, may meet defeat later, but that does not mean the end of the class struggle. It only means the next time, it will learn from previous mistakes, and instead of a victory in just one country, it may be several simultaneously.

    Similar to what Lincoln said, You can fool the masses some of the time, but you cannot fool the masses all of the time.

    Those that have studied and understand Marxist theory, know it can work, and will persist towards that end. Those that do not understand it will be pessimistic about its success. Economic systems have come and gone, capitalism is no exception.

  10. I like the bee movie too. I like the part where he sues the human race.

  11. Communism 4 life