Do people living in communist countries hate communism?

There is no doubt that some people never liked the idea of communism taking over their country, and there is also no doubt that “the American Dream” promised by capitalism seems too much of a temptation for many others.

But as an example of how most people living in communist countries felt, it is worth noting that a study carried out in 2004 revealed that 80% of Russians said they lived better under communism than under the current capitalist system. Also, during the last general elections in Cuba, Raul Castro got the support of practically the whole country; with 98% of all votes.


  1. Russia is currently run by many of the same people who were held power during the era of Communism. Claiming that Russia is a Capitalist nation is to take great liberties with the definition of Capitalism. However if one looks at the former Soviet Socialist Republics we will find that those who have embraced free market Capitalist reforms to the greatest degree are the most prosperous, and inversely those that resist such reforms are lagging behind.

  2. and in Cuba there is only one party to vote for so of course Castro wins every time

  3. @Anonymous: actually there are different parties in Cuba since 1992 (when it became legal for other political parties to operate); but they are all prohibited from campaigning in elections (the Communist Party of Cuba too is prohibited from electoral campaigning). Candidates are not nominated by political parties, but they are nominated on an individual basis at local levels by the local population at nomination assemblies.