Was there ever any successful example of communism?

No, there wasn't any country or state that represents a successful example of communism. Furthermore, since none of the so called "communist" countries and states evolved beyond the intermediate socialist stage (proposed by Marx for a transition between capitalism and communism) there simply was no example of a communist country or state in history.

All states known as "communists" in the west are in reality not only socialists, but the most tyrannical form of socialism; known as "Stalinism" or "Neo-Stalinism".


  1. If you want an application of where "From each according to his ability, to each according to their need" can be applied with good results you need look no further than a nuclear family unit. When one tries to apply this axiom to units larger than a small clan, the system invariably breaks down due to the inability of central planning to function efficiently in large diverse groups.

  2. No, there wasn't, communism caused mass starvation within 5 years of implementation in every country where they tried it. The rest of the population was murdered because they didn't like starving too much and protested.

    ^^ Communism in a nutshell

  3. There are plenty of paleolithic and tribal civilizations which follow socialist ways of governance, like the Inca.