Does the elite want communism?

Absolutely not!

There is nothing that the elite (TPTB) fears more than communism. They would do anything to stop the advances of communism, and the advances of socialism as well; as history shows.

Communism would mean the end of their dominion and control over the rest of us; it would mean no state protecting the “do haves” (them) and their interests from the “have-nots” (us); it would mean that the 80% of the total world wealth, in hands of the privileged 20%, would be returned to the unprivileged 80%, it would mean losing the exclusive rights to exploit the world’s natural resources for their own benefit, and it would mean that their wealth would not set them apart as a different privileged class (upper class).

In the same way, they would also do anything to stop socialism, mainly because socialism would mean that all the resources of a country would be for the benefit of its people, and not for the benefit of the corporations they own; making them loose the privilege to exclusively exploit the natural resources that belong to all of us, and therefore, would take away their main source of income. It would also mean that the state would provide most essential needs to its people, which would make their corporations –that exploit those basic needs- obsolete. And it would mean that the state would work to protect the rights of all its people, and not the rights of the privileged class; who appoint them as their candidates, fund their campaigns, and guarantee them comfortable executive positions in their corporations at the end of their political term.

There is the theory that, since they control the state, socialism would benefit the elite; as everything would come under their total control through the state. But in this case, since the state does not look after the interests of the people, but after the interests of the capital (the elite), this political system would not be socialism; it would be fascism (i.e. Franco’s Nationalist Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, and Hitler’s National Socialism or Nazism; all of which had a total control over the state, for the benefit of the capital, and which actually prosecuted both socialists and communists).

Examples of what the PTB would do to stop the advances of communism and socialism at a national level can be found in the form of: anti-communist propaganda (biased historical records, films and television, etc.), governmental policies (i.e. McCarthyism, also known as “the Red Scare” or “the communist witch hunt”), surveillance of individuals and organisations by the intelligence services (e.g. MI5 investigating George Orwell under the suspicion of communism), and up to outlawing communist organisations and imprisoning or even murdering communists.

And the examples of what the PTB would do to stop communism/socialism in other countries ranges from: Chile, with the CIA funding Pinochet's coup to put an end to Salvador Allende’s democratically elected socialist government; passing through Castro’s seven assassination attempts by the CIA, and the failed invasion of Cuba (Bay of Pigs); the funding and training of terrorist groups -like the Mujahidin- to fight the Soviets; the training of 2,000 Bolivian soldiers by the CIA just to hunt down ‘Che’ Guevara; and all the way up to former Yugoslavia, Iraq, and now Venezuela being targeted, according to political analyst Michael Parenti, mainly because they started using the profits generated by their natural resources to build social infrastructures, instead of allowing foreign corporations to profit from them.


  1. Communism has never been controlled by the "have-nots" in fact it has almost exclusively been a disaffected upper middle class of would be "intellectuals" (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Ho Chi Min, Mao, Castro) that have ruled the system at the expense of the common people.

    1. If you read the last posts. You would realise that he stated no country has ever reached a level of true communism. It seems that on the way the people in charge get greedy and up stopping at socialism.